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Boy beheaded himself with chainsaw after losing computer game. Natalie, a 31 year old freelance artist, comes in for The Hook-up. Duji doesn't like the language on Dieter's shirt. High pitch guy gets slapped around on the subway. Alex Jones gets into it with Marco Rubio. Jeffrey still hasn't asked for a raise. Couple steals k from a homeless man's GoFundMe. Dieter takes a stand against Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad. Listener explains how he robbed a drug store. Charlie tries to fold pizza boxes. Mike Picha, the virgin weather nerd, stops by the studio. Ariana Grande was groped at a funeral.

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Install App · Contact Us · Login. ···. Get the new RMG merch! Category - The Hook-Up. The Hook-Up · Kaylah · The Hook-Up · Robin · The Hook-Up · Gina. Hook-Up Hottie says guy exploded diarrhea on her during sex · Video. Highlights · Hook-up girl held ex's hand while he pooped · Video. Highlights.

Rover met somebody that had sex with Carrot Top. Can the thermostat be sexist? Has Nadz ever had a real job? Rover is thinking of hiring Dumb to drive Rolling Glory One. Mystery woman who rang doorbell found safe. Hannah, a 23 year old electrician, comes in for The Hook-up. Did Chris Watts have a gay lover? Jeffrey gets his own show on RMG Plus.

Police search for mystery woman who rang doorbell and then disappeared. Jeffrey tries to explain where he went after Cedar Point. Ordinance makes cursing illegal in Myrtle Beach. Flash from Jeff and Flash stops by the studio. People are upset that Rover gives Jeffrey money. Richie Incognito wanted dead father's head cut off for research.

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Shoppers angry over Walmart charging more for plus-size clothing. Charlie, Nadz, and Jeffrey went to Cedar Point. Jeffrey puked while in an uber. Rover went to a music festival. Two killed in shooting at Jacksonville video game tournament. Alex Jones was caught watching trans porn. Fortune Feimster stops by the studio. Paul Flart gets fired from his security job. Newspaper endorses a politician that believes she was abducted by aliens because her competitor sucks so hard.

Britt Ahart of the show Alone stops by the studio.

Safe sex guide uses 'front hole' as alternative to 'vagina' to not offend transgenders. Snitzer's son is thinking about joining the army. Rover got caught staring at a woman's breasts. Liz, a 23 year old union carpenter, comes in for The Hook-up. Jason, the assistant program director, stops by the studio.

Rover is snapping pics of muskrats. Asia Argento denies sexual assault tale, blames payoff on Anthony Bourdain. New Orleans bartender attacks woman who spanked her in viral video. Nadz considers taking 25 thousand dollars to let Rover read all of his text messages. Rover is thinking of trying edibles. Colorado man accused of murdering family claims wife strangled daughters. NY state senator wants to criminalize calling on law-abiding black people.

Verbal abuse hurled at NYPD in yet another videotaped tirade. Rover is going to Italy. British Airways stewardess is suspended over bizarre striptease video. Duji still refuses to wear socks. Duji crashed Rover's family vacation. Woman riding electric scooter hit by car, killed in downtown Cleveland.

Asia Argento paid off sexual assault accuser. School removes quote that told girls to act like a lady. American couple killed by ISIS while trying to prove humans are kind. Jeffrey bought school supplies. Clean Jim Norton, Rover thinks creeps are infiltrating musical. Rover isn't sure if he will pass out candy this year for Halloween. Jim Norton stops by the studio. Rover thinks creeps are infiltrating musical. Sacramento police reconsider foot chases after Clark's death.

Duji made out with Gary Coleman. Overweight local AM radio host is upset with Rover. Mark Wahlberg calls in to promot his new film Mile WH press secretary Can't offer 'guarantee' there is no N-word recording of Trump. Duji's daughter is still sleeping in Duji's bed. Rover found a picture of Nadz's black eye. Guy on facebook is exposing sexual predators. Local paper did an article on the radio station. Duji had a turd that wouldn't flush. Dieter is 39 years old.

Bitcoin has dropped under 6k. Rover questions Nadz's story about hitting his face on a door. Florida man who killed man in parking lot charged with manslaughter. Dan Costa Skypes in for Tech Tuesday. Curious George's girlfriend is mad that he went to a strip club. What would Jeffrey's cult be like? Is Nadz a battered boyfriend? Stolen plane crashes after airline employee takes off from Seattle airport. Omarosa reveals recording she made of President Trump day after she was fired.

Florida candidate poses with fake diploma. Bird scooter have popped up around town. New Jersey radio show suspended for calling attorney general Turban Man. Youtuber tricks his kids into eating laxatives and films them. Rover doesn't believe Lance Armstrong's story of people yelling at him. Jeffrey learns about Ligma and Anita.

Woman admits making up sexual assault, wanted to fulfill rape fantasy. John Lanigan quits on the air. Father claims Frontier Airlines mishandled children flying alone. Jack in the Box catches heat over innuendo-laden teriyaki bowl ad. Video of deadly Nashville police shooting released. Corey the board op stops by, talks about Jesse Camp and Vanilla Ice. Rover thinks he is sick from smelling Dieter's chicken. Nadz is driving with a suspended license.

Man offers free ass whoopins to kids. Somebody sent Rover a scam letter accusing him of cheating. Rover says he won't eat a certain food in public. Dieter's chicken smelled yesterday. Clean Fan meet up recap, Snitzer is in hot water, and more. Jeffrey fell in love at the meet up. Dieter has a phlegm towel. Whose chicken is stinking up the fridge? Dieter pukes on the bus. Jeffrey had a waterslide disaster. Dieter and Jeffrey did drugs with MGK. Rover saved people from falling in poop. Pete Davidson peed on the side of RG1.

Curious George stops by Rolling Glory One. There was a fire on the bus. Curious George has a mysterious death in the family. Jeffrey caught in a 7 year lie. Parents are hiring Fortnite coaches for their children. The crew prepares to camp. Nadz finally got his car back from the mechanic. Ralphie May's jacket is for sale. Listener calls in to explain Qanon. Erin, a 37 year old bartender, comes in for The Hook-up.

Brotha ADX shows up to the studio. Man has 4 limbs amputated after dog lick leads to severe infection. Rover says he will never be on in Columbus because he was accused of supporting human trafficking. The crew tries to guess what cover song Rover hates the most. Jeffrey's stand up special is back on.

Kim Zolciak posts pic of her dog licking her son's face after it nearly blinded him. Miss Morning Glory, Melissa, stops by the studio. Duji is planning a vacation with Rover's family. Harley-Davidson plans to debut its electric motorcycle in Recap of The Time Traveler's Wife. Duji wants to get a new car already. Les Moonves and CBS face allegations of sexual misconduct. Update on Jeffrey's broken refrigerator. Michelle calls in to give an update on her sexual reassignment surgery.

Jeffrey explains The Montreal Screwjob. Woman says she murdered her husband because he bought porn. Rover thinks he may have married into the mob. Buzz Aldrin seems to admit the the moon landing didn't happen. Jeffrey's refrigerator broke down. Dieter, Jeffrey, and Charlie head to Jeffrey's house to check on the refrigerator. Waiter made up story about 'racist' tipper. If you are dating a person when should you tell them you are trans? California city takes a stand against Facebook's free food. Bar in trouble with brewery over 'offensive' sign about 'safe space' Adam Ferrara, comedian and actor, stops by the studio.

Moe, a 21 year old server, comes in for The Hook-up. Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans pulls out a gun during road rage incident. Man known for taking photos of girls at a lake arrested for pepper spraying firefighter and toddler. Roverfest protester once drew a penis on a car. Jeffrey says he was once confronted by a guy in Taco Bell. Teacher probed for moonlighting as Nazi-themed wrestler. Georgia lawmaker to resign after using racial slurs on new Sacha Baron Cohen show.

Duji doesn't care that she missed Rover's wedding. Rover has a lot of leftover Dippin' Dots at his house. Florida gunman will not be charged after killing man in parking dispute. Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty creator, fake baby rape video goes viral. Rover's sister calls in. Color Me Badd singer Bryan Abrams arrested for attempted assault. Dumb stops by the studio. Clean Did Rover get married? Recap of Rover's party. Clean Bert Kreischer, Dr. Dieter crashed a truck into Rolling Glory One.

Ian Smith and Bert Kreischer stop by the studio. Duji is really dark after getting a spray tan. Some guy is selling fake Roverfest tickets. Guy calls in threatening to kill himself. Red Sun Rising stops by the studio. Jeffrey warns Red Sun Rising about Virgil ripping them off. Rover is live from the Roverfest site in Lorain. Dieter has the hots for an axe attacker.

Man calls cops after being fouled in basketball game. Woman attacked by 80, bees. Connecticut teacher who had 'sex with student' may not be charged. Drunk partygoer bites off woman's nose after being asked to leave. Florida man faked his murder using a gun and a weather balloon. Brent Smith of Shinedown calls in. Charlie's jet ski broke down. Rover was interrupted while having sex with B2. Nadz is having a hard time because its the anniversary of his brother's death.

Chicago police release body camera footage of fatal officer-involved shooting that prompted protests. Rover is thinking about buying an electric lawnmower. Charlie's girlfriend keeps ruining vacuums. Duji's cat scratched her. Man crashes his k sports car after one day.

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Elon Musk calls British diver who helped rescue Thai schoolboys pedo guy in Twitter outburst. Guy wants advice because his friend is going to marry an ugly woman. Jeffrey's son posted a video of him giving a tour of Jeffrey's tour. Duji is not going to Rover's party. Rover doesn't understand Duji's work process. Nick from Myrtle Beach calls in about his gender reveal. Rover tries Monster energy. Charlie covers himself in poison ivy. Duji bought some new shoes. Video surfaces of wild Pacman Jones fight in airport. Harland Williams, actor and comedian, stops by the studio. Julie, a 32 year old med lab scientist, comes in for the hook-up.

Nadz went to a waterpark to see his mormon family. Rover explains how he was disciplined. Man who had metal cup removed from anus claims it was put there by muggers. Rover found a mouse in his yard. Video game Roblox showed a 7-year-old girl's avatar being raped. Jeffrey's son smashed his laptop. Rover ran into his old boss. Duji's sickness seems to be getting worse. OSU wrestler says Jim Jordan knew about alleged abuse. Domestic abusers are exploiting smart home devices. Would you confront unruly kids?

Charlie bought a jet ski. Tyler Connolly of Theory of a Deadman stops by the studio. Rover is wearing two bracelets.

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The show has started airing in Biloxi Mississippi. Dieter tried to bang a woman that didn't have arms. Duji met her creepy half-brother when she was Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. Couple suing haunted house because of a mock rape scene.

Daniel Cormier knocks out Stipe Miocic for heavyweight title. Rover didn't like the Andre the Giant doc. Man emails in asking for advice on what he should do about his failing relationship. Travis Pastrana lands three of Evel Knievel's legendary jumps. The crew samples garbage plates that will be served at Roverfest. Rover is having problems with the bus. Cop shoots alligator with AR rescues teen it was chasing up a tree.

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Missing youth soccer team found alive in Thai cave. Should we start fat shaming people again? Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is suing the team. Nadz is very upset that LeBron James is leaving. Michelle, the transgender calendar contestant, stops by the studio. Arrest made in alleged July 4 attack plan in Cleveland. The crew tries Arnold Palmer Spiked. A listener sends in some great artwork of Jeffrey.

Woman impregnated by squid after she ate raw seafood. Texas ice pick killer executed with lethal injection. Nadz went to a beach party last night. Listener emails in after a golf cart accident.

Rover gets some explosive information on Nadz and his relationship. Sarrah, a 33 year old hair stylist, comes in for The Hook-up. Your Shot to Rock - Semi Finals. Nadz's girlfriend changed her status to single. Woman in Permit Patty video speaks out. Daphne calls in to give an update. Your Shot to Rock - Day 2. Snitzer has a home gym. Steve-O sent Rover a video. Daphne calls back very angry.

Maynard James Keenan has been Me Too'ed. Your Shot to Rock - Day 1. Jeffrey is offered a free XBox with a catch. Rover's mom is trying to have 21 people sleep at Rover's house. Netflix Chief Communications Officer fired after using the n-word. Netflix bans employees from looking at each other for more than five seconds. Woman calls in demanding to meet MGK. Jeffrey fell in love with a fan. Bert Kreischer stops by Rolling Glory One. Is the me too movement accomplishing its goal?

Bert teaches Nadz how to be a responsible alcoholic. Rover hated his Philly Cheesesteak. How many people have had sex at work? Billionaire uses fart spray to get back at ex-wife. Dieter crapped himself in kindergarten. Indonesian woman swallowed whole by 23 foot python. Rapper XXXtentacion shot and killed. Nadz went to a gay bar. Firefighters accused of making porn at fire station. Blue Cheese or Ranch?

Rover thought he saw a shark. Rover remembers the Enema Bandit. Could you kill a bobcat with your bare hands? Clean Live from Washington D. Live from Washington D.

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Man kills friend suspected of molesting 3 year old. Driver in road rage incident poops on other driver. Nadz caught in lie about drinking. Former producer, Scott Taylor, stops by RG1. Nadz fell down and hurt his leg. Transgender track stars win state championship.

Target removing 'Baby Daddy' Father's Day cards. Nadz and Charlie return from Oakland. Duji went to a Poison concert. Charlie and Nadz show video of them at the Warriors parade. Missouri waitress fired over 'N-Word Hunting' video. Duji didn't go to Oakland.

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Duji and Gia in Chicago for Gia's birthday. Nadz and Charlie call in from Oakland. Man admits he intentionally contracted HIV to infect others. Bill Clinton won't apologize to Monica Lewinsky. Anthony Bourdain was found dead. Marlon Wayans stops by the studio. Rover is adding a wrinkle to the RMG Finals competition. Giuliani takes swipe at Stormy Daniels. Nadz went to back to the hospital for his leg. Rover bought self lacing shoes. Charlie wants to buy a house. Rover is still upset that Jeffrey took packages to the Post Office.

Woman to go on trial for alleged false rape accusation. Frank Caliendo calls in. Jeffrey spotted at a strip club on a tuesday night. Nadz's leg looks terrible. Duji lost her wallet and can't get in the building. Woman emails in asking for relationship advice. Dumb's girlfriend is posting hot pics on instagram. Rover isn't happy that Dieter sent Jeffrey to the post office. Nadz comes in wearing a cast. UFC star defends husband's swastika tattoo after accidental tweet.

The show has started airing in Biloxi Mississippi. Rover went to Duji's daughter dance recital. Rover has a smart home. Rover slept for 15 hours and Duji is in a bad mood. Recap of game 1 of the NBA Finals. Did Nadz cheat in the nut kicking game? Duji claims she almost beat Rover's time in speed walking.

Wildwood cops release police body cam footage of beach arrest. Samantha Bee calls Ivanka Trump the C word. Nikolas Cruz made cellphone videos plotting Parkland attack. Rover thinks kids should get spanked more. Rover has been mispronouncing frontier for a long time. Dieter and Nadz face off in The Draymond.

Mom blasts Southwest Airlines for asking to prove biracial son was hers. Rover saw a turtle while walking. Rover might sell garbage plates at Roverfest. How did Nadz's parents react to him drinking again? Roseanne has been cancelled after racist tweets. Jeffrey claims he can hear the difference between a pop can and a beer can opening.

The crew has to ship tickets. Active Shooter video game taken down after several users complained. Pusha T claims Drake has a secret child with a porn star on new song. Rover offers Jeffrey's friend 3 grand to prove he was an army ranger. Duji cries because she saw a dog on the highway. Preacher Jesse Duplantis seeks donations for private jet. Duji went to another funeral. Nadz went to party island with his girlfriend. Rover claims he can speedwalk faster than Duji. What kind of bras with Duji make her daughter wear? Nadz is covered in warts. Curious George is afraid to go to Roverfest.

Jeffrey does the news. Roverfest tickets go on sale. NBA star Sterling Brown stun-gunned in police video. Joanna, a 32 year old healthcare worker, comes in for The Hook-up. Rover doesn't like the way that Duji is raising Gia. Syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory blends biting commentary, ridiculous antics and discussions that would get most people fired. Rover gives an update the makeup that was sent to his house.

Rover has to leave the show because of stomach pains. Greg Fitzsimmons stops by the studio. Calah, a 26 year old carpenter, comes in for The Hook-up. Duji went on a date with Jimmy Malone. The Hook-up explains how her brother tried to rob a truck. Former radio station employee walked o Is Nadz dying his beard? Nadz tries to kick a 35 yard field goal. Vegan's take more sick days than meat eaters.

Somebody on the show gets dog crap kicked in their face. What's behind the insane popularity of Baby Shark song. Trump serves fast food on silver platters for Clemson celebration. Charlie's dad has solved the border crisis. Jayme Closs kidnapping suspect decided to take teen after seeing her get on a school bus. Gillette addresses toxic masculinity in a new ad. Tech Tuesday with Dan Costa. Did former WMMS employee steal a bottle of booze from a liquor store? Rover is going to start working out before coming to work.

US Navy sub commander demoted after hiring ten prostitutes in Philippines. Jeffrey took his son to a ceiling fan workshop. Rover watched a show on Netflix about tidying up. How much money to leave your wife? Rover's mom thinks it strange that Jayme Cross is smiling with her aunt. Rover is thinking of having everybody on the show face their fears. Masculinity deemed harmful and could lead to sexual harassment. Duji calls stuff gay. Jeffrey is going to take his son to a ceiling fan seminar.

Ring camera system has reportedly been spying on customer camera feeds. Rover doesn't want to do 23 and me because he is afraid of his D Nadz gives an update on his girlfriend. Comedian Brad Williams stops by the show. Duji brings in a dog cage to put Charlie in. Starbucks plans to install needle-disposal boxes in some bathrooms. Gretchen Carlson calls in to talk about her TV special.

Saskeith sent an email to Rover about R Kelly. Teacher charged with assault after video shows her dragging boy with autism through school. A very strange guy shows up to the studio to buy Nadz's underwear. People are upset that Bryan Cranston is playing a disabled character. Rover is sick af. Woman wants help because her step dad is sending tons of money to cam girls. Rochester TV station fires meteorologist for racial slur. Nadz bought a new used car. Fake nude of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was debunked by foot fetishists. Nadz is thinking of selling his smelly shoes online.

Charlie is going to try and get anxiety drugs. Duji got everybody sick. Saskeith says the new stations don't understand sound effects. New police profiling law requires officers to record people's sexual orientation, among other data points, without asking. Reporter for Buzzfeed wants to get split in half by Jaso Duji says she is going to try and get her clam hammered this year.

Cleveland Clinic fires resident after online threat to give Jews 'wrong meds' surfaces. John Caparulo stops by the studio. Robin, a 34 year old bartender, comes in for The Hook-up. Charlie moved over Christmas break. Recap of the holiday break. Dieter makes a HUGE announcement. White referee told a high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks or forfeit. Transgender woman confronts GameStop employee for misgendering her. Guy wants help with his cheating wife.

Former program director is hanging out with Nadz's ex girlfriend. Duji was trying to sell her used shoe Revisting some of Jeffrey's favorite Christmas songs. Dieter finally unveils what Hollywood memorabilia he bought. Jim Ross, professional wrestling commentator, stops by the studio. Rover suspects Nadz of doing something unforgivable. Curious George surprises Jeffrey with a celebrity video in hopes he can buy Jeffrey's broken watch. Duji is losing it because she says she hears a strange beep. Duji is obsessed with George Bush's Funeral. Charlie went to Jeffrey's to change his smoke detector.

Jenni, a 34 year old advanced medical support assistant, comes in for The Hook-up. Video puts landscaper in sticky situation. Is calling somebody a Jew wrong? The voice from the VR ad cal Rover thinks its okay to call kids fat. American Airlines disputes woman's claim that she was abandoned at airport. Wall Street firms have decided they don't want anything to do with women so they don't get MeTooed.

Student organizers boot SNL writer from stage during standup routine for jokes deemed offensive. Video of Jeffrey on the night he go The crew is dealing with a really obnoxious parker. Vegans may get same anti-discrimination rights as religious people. Charlie went to Jeffrey's house to put new batteries in carbon monoxide detector. New Jersey substitute breaks it to first-graders that Santa isn't real. I Am Not Your Villain campaign aims to end film stigma against facial scar Nadz is a no call no show.

Neil deGrasse Tyson denies sexual misconduct claims. Kareem Hunt cut by the Chiefs for beating up woman on video. Nadz and Campy made a huge mess when they were delivering show merch. Jeffrey finally does something about his carbon monoxide detector. Jeffrey gives an update on how much GoFundMe money he has left. Mom names her daughter Abcde and then gets mad when people laugh at her. More than 50 inmates sue officials over pornography ban in Iowa's prisons. Reuben Foster claimed off NFL waivers three days after domestic violence arrest. Nadz wants to be a writer for The Tonight Show.

Jeffrey still not at work. Craig Robinson, comedian and actor, stops by the studio. Couple suing haunted house because of a mock rape scene. Mom charged after son drowned in hurricane's floodwaters. Chris Matthews, political commentator and talk show host, calls in. Chris Cornell's family files lawsuit against doctor over singer's death. Jeffrey gives another update on his wife. Update on the meth candy story. Family upset after Nest camera hacked by stranger. Rover bought a bunch of jeans that are too big. Update on Charlie's Bronco II.

Tyler, a 27 year old fraud investigator, stops by for The Hook-up. Dieter got a speeding ticket. Jeffrey gives an update on his wife's seizure. Glenn Beck calls in to promote his upcoming show. Jeffrey spotted walking down the street yelling at himself. Driver deliberately sideswipes cyclist.

Suze Orman, financial advisor and author, calls in. Dieter is upset with how much a deck costs. Rover is thinking of carrying his gun again. Guy moves to India because of his student loan debt. An anti-vaxxer that is putting up billboards, Brandy Vaughan, calls in. Jeffrey's wife has a medical emergency. Dan Costa on for Tech Tuesday. Officer suspected of OVI in on-duty crash. Rover bought some pills after watching a documentary on Adderall.

Rover isn't sure how he is going to vote on a drug issue. Jeffrey is having car trouble. Black teen tells Dr. Phil she's white and hates black people. Snitzer recaps his trip to Orlando. Duji is wearing a Christmas sweater. Derek Carr cries after Raiders get blown out by Seattle Seahawks. Mayor in Georgia is making all registered sex offenders gather in Council Chambers on Halloween.

Mar, a 22 year old tattoo artist, comes in for The Hook-up. Blind James stops by the studio. Megyn Kelly may get fired for black face comments. B2 has a massage table. Should you have sex with your ex? Would you have your debt paid off or get better chance at winning the lottery? Megyn Kelly apologizes for defending blackface. Rover tries to read Jeffrey's mind. Memes may encourage adolescents to be fat and lazy.

Update on Gia's flu shot. Nadz cut himself out of the powerball lottery pool. Dieter wont go to dinn Nadz recaps doing stand up for Whitney Cummings. Officer fired after video shows him telling young men he's 'trigger happy'Amy Schumer is boycotting the Super Bowl this year. Black TV viewers accuse 'creepy and racist' Netflix of false advertising to black people. Charlie recaps his trip to San Francisco. Radio host, Dawn Bennett, found guilty of What would you do if you won the lottery?

Comedian Whitney Cummings stops by the studio. Should Nadz open for Whitney Cummings? Rover clipped off a skin tag. Duji met her creepy half-brother when she was Shelby, 21 year old hairstylist, stops by for the Hook-up. Rover gives stand up advice. Naked man who jumped into aquarium linked to an assault. Woman calls police on black man yelling at soccer game.

Nadz plans to do stand-up uncut on Friday. Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch, passes away. A show member may have gotten a hooker. Utah to end alimony payments if ex shacks up with another person. Country music artist, Wheeler Walker Jr. Nobody believes Jeffrey's donut story. Cops accused of harassing fellow officers with dildo.

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Guy only eats pizza for 40 years. Charlie is going to San Francisco. Homeless guy calls in from his tent. Nadz does stand up for the sales people. Jeffrey's smoke detector has been going off for eight years. Duji went out with the dance moms. Cancer survivor says he was asked to hide face in store.

Jeffrey spotted buying a bunch of donuts. Cornerstore Caroline claims 9-year-old boy groped her. Trump suggests 'rogue killers' may be involved in disappearance of journalist. Charlie bought the worst call of all time. Jim Florentine stops by the studio. Kanye West met with President Trump. Jeffrey helps Duji prepare for a date. People are very upset with Rover because of his hurricane tips. Barefoot runner complains about acorns on the sidewalk. Mom let year-old son get tattoo from unlicensed teen.

Ashley, a 30 year old business owner, stops by for The Hook-up. Duji is going out on the prowl for men. Jeffrey gave some quotes to the paper. LaCroix is getting sued. Nadz crapped on his floor. Guy spent 12k defending himself after consensually hooking up with a girl. Lebron James says he lets his kids drink wine. Duji is yelling at Jeffrey for not donating to a GoFundMe.

Duji is thinking of joining a dating site for old people. Jeffrey's kids are in the newspaper. Woman jailed after sex act photo leads to boyfriend's murder. Dan Costa skypes in for Tech Tuesday.